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If Gaga were to grow a ‘stache, what color would it be?

We think it might be red. She’s been doing the platinum blonde thing for a while, but to be honest, …

Miley Cyrus dons a mustache on Jimmy Fallon.

Not everyone can be as cool as Miley. I mean, she has a multiple personality who’s even more famous than …

Omg! What happened to your…FACE!??

Why LB, you’ve changed! You’re no longer covered in blue paint and dripping in green slime! I’m not dizzy when …

That poor cat…
August 11, 2013
My people need me!
August 10, 2013
Mercy at it’s finest!
August 9, 2013
Hope it was worth it!
August 7, 2013
He gets MAJOR air!
August 6, 2013